Ticket Pod is an all new ticketing platform created with flexible technology to suit events, festivals, exhibitions and live shows of all genres.

Utilising next generation web-based ticketing management software to enable maximum ticket sales and financial processing powered by Stripe. We are committed to safety and security at every stage of the booking process. We aim to keep customer booking fees as low as possible to compete with all our major competitors.

A white label service which can accommodate your event, promote it, share it, build it, personalise it and create the right look and feel to entice your customers to buy!

From small one-off events to large scale multi-site festivals, we offer one of the most flexible ticketing platforms on the market.

Our mission: Create a global ticket platform and bring people together at the world's best events.....

To partner with Ticket Pod on your next ticketed event, large or small, please contact David Lee directly at: davidlee@vadaran.co.uk
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